Types of Visits

Visual Motor Skills

A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s visual motor systems ability to track and change visual fixation, maintain and accurately change focus, and to maintain the efficient use of two eyes functioning together. Problems in these areas may contribute to inefficient reading and a poor attention span.

Perceptual Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s ability to process visual information and integrate this information with auditory and motor modalities. Visual recognition, copying skills, visual memory, and directional organizational concepts are tested and related to academic performance.

Pre or Post Surgical Strabismus Consultation

An evaluation of the need for surgical intervention for crossed eyes or the need for vision therapy before or after surgery.

Head Trauma Evaluation

To evaluate the visual complications from closed head injury and strokes. Visual therapy today is part of the rehabilation process for these patients.

Sports Vision Evaluation

The success of both amateur and professional athletes depends on a visual system working at high levels of efficiency. Most professional sports teams today have vision specialists who evaluate and work with their players to maximize their potential.

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